Thermographic Control


Thermographic Control

Infra-red Thermographic control of all electrical panels and other sensitive installations.


The Infrared Thermographic Control is a very efficient tool that confirms both the safety and the efficiency of your system.  The two main advantages of this type of control are: 

  • No contact required with the test piece 
  • An instantaneous check

Faults can be identified without access to the interior of the object.  In terms of safety this is advantageous as the risks of burn and electrocution are lowered.
Also, no downtime is incurred as you may check your equipment whilst in use when using this process.


This control is commonly used to check electrical panels and all electrical related items (motors, switches, transformers).  The heat flowing along the circuit is surveyed as a whole.   If a temperature disturbance is found at any location, the component can be checked before repair or replacement.

Thermographic Control can also be used to check various other sensitive installations including heat insulation for hot water piping and AC circuits (glycol).


SIAPTEK can help you to confirm the reliability of your electrical systems or other sensitive installations

Performing Thermographic Control on all your circuits is an efficient fault finding process.  Examples of these faults can include corroded / loose connections, incorrect voltage, insulation damage etc.  Identifying these faults before they develop can have beneficial financial implications for your company and avoids unnecessary downtime.  

Thermographic Control acts as an active and preventive maintenance

SIAPTEK has trained and certified inspectors with extensive experience in Thermographic Control.  Each component, system and installation has differing behaviors - SIAPTEK inspectors are qualified to analyse the results of the inspection accordingly.

Common international standards relating to Thermographic Control include:

-    ISO-DIS 10878 / ISO 18434 / ISO 18436 / ISO 6781 / ISO-IS 9712
-    ASTM C1060-90 / ASTM E1934-99


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