OCTG Services


OCTG Services

Tubular Maintenance and Inspection.


Due to the steady increase of hazardous and adverse drilling conditions, the standards for the inspection of Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) has increased substantially in recent years.


This particular specialised service is now offered by SIAPTEK. 

Our inspectors are fully trained and certified to inspect, test and certify as follows:

  • Visual body inspection
  • Visual thread inspection
  • Electro-Magnetic Induction Inspection (EMI)
  • Full length API drifting
  • Full length Ultrasonic inspection
  • Special End-Area Inspection by wet MPI or UT
  • Ultrasonic wall thickness control
  • API thread gauging
  • Hardness testing

Inspections of drill pipes, casing, tubing or MWD / LWD tools are commonly performed in accordance with the following international standards:

  • API RP7-G, API 5CT, API 5B, API 5L
  • T.H.Hill DS1 Cat 1-5
  • Fearnley Procter NS1 / NS2


The above standards and their acceptance criteria can be discussed prior to the SIAPTEK inspection.  This ensures the most appropriate standard is followed.  OCTG inspection regulations are very particular and acceptable indication allowances are tight.

SIAPTEK will ensure your equipment is fit for purpose.

SIAPTEK aims to provide a full panel of OCTG inspections, tests and services covering all the Oil & Gas expectations.

For any query and question, would you please contact us directly.


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