Onhire and Offhire Inspections


Onhire and Offhire Inspections

Review of overall asset condition.  Bunkers ROB, number and condition of securing equipment, deck area structural condition,
stores and equipment present onboard.  Hygiene inspection. On-hire verification of asset certification and classification.


On-Hire and Off-Hire surveys of marine assets (vessels, cargo barges, LCT, supply vessels, tugs) are very often mandatory with regards to contracts and potential legal issues between charterers and owners.  These surveys and documents can be referred to if conflicts or disagreements arise between parties.

The survey reports shall include a detailed description of the considered asset in the present state and form. The information in the reports can determine if any major damage occurred during charter periods.  The reports can also help verify if any major equipment is missing and the bunkers ROB status.


It is common for the On-Hire and Off-Hire reports to be based on the same template in order to provide comparable parameters eg:

  • Overall asset condition (hull, working deck, castle, living quarters).
  • Bunkers ROB (MGO, Fresh Water, Hydraulic Oil).
  • Number and condition of securing equipment (mooring hawsers, bollards, anchor lines).
  • Deck area structural condition (wooden planking, steel deck, gussets, padeyes).
  • Stores and equipment present onboard (food, kitchen tools, bedding and linen).
  • Cleanliness of client areas, common areas, accommodation areas, cargo spaces, engine room, spare parts storage room.
  • Hygiene inspection (food storage areas, mess room and kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms).
  • At On-Hire, verification of asset certification and classification (flag certificate, SOLAS requirement).


One of the most important factors is confirmation of the MGO quantity.  Our expert inspectors at SIAPTEK are able to confirm the MGO quantity using several methods (dependant on the engine room equipment).  This has to be accepted and signed by both parties in-situ.  

The result of the visual inspections must be understood by both the owner and charterer.  If any outstanding item is flagged the owner of the vessel must take the necessary remedial action as early as possible. 

As independent Marine Surveyor, SIAPTEK offers this On-Hire and Off-hire inspection service by trained and certified inspectors.  Our inspection reports and certificates can be used and issued worldwide. 

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