Lifting Gears


Lifting Gears

Sling, chain sling, shackles, hooks, master links, forklift extensions, pallet bars, pallet forks, pallet racks, personal transfer basket, body harness.


Lifting Gears can be divided in to several different areas:

-    Lifting Rigging - wire ropes, wire slings, synthetic slings, chains, shackles, hooks, master links, snatch blocks, sockets etc.
-    Lifting Accessories - tri-plates, spreader bars / beams, forklift fork extensions, pallet bars, pallet racks etc.
-    Lifting Devices - winches, chain hoists, pull hoists, gantry, A-frames, davits etc.
-    Personnel Transfer Equipment - billy pughs etc.

The list above is a summary of the most common Lifting Gear used during onshore and offshore Oil & Gas operations.  SIAPTEK can provide inspections on various other items upon request.

Tests and inspections SIAPTEK provide can include but not limited to:

  • Visual - Close Visual Inspection of the general condition of the equipment
  • Destructive Test - breaking test
  • Non Destructive Test - MT, UT, ET, RT, PT etc 

The Non Destructive Tests (NDT) are detailed in a separate chapter of the 'Services' section.

Periodic inspection of Lifting Gear is essential.  Lifting cargo and equipment is one of the most critical operations during a whole project.   Many industry injuries - both light and severe - occur during lifting operations. 

It has been proven that suitable and appropriate periodic inspections by professional third party inspection providers like SIAPTEK lower the risk of these incidents and injuries. 

Your equipment inspection shall comply with international standards including but not limited to:

-    LOLER 1998
-    ISO 4301 / ISO 4306 / ISO 4309 / ISO 9373 / ISO 9927
-    API RP-8B / API RP-9B 
-    ASME B 30
-    BS 1290 / BS 3841 / BS 6668 / BS 3551


Periodic inspections are the only way to ensure your Lifting Gear will not be the root cause of an incident or injury.  Damaged, unsuitable or uncertified equipment can lead to these incidents and injuries which are costly both medically to the personnel or public involved and financially to the responsible owner / user.

In addition, operator and rigger training is strongly advised to ensure safe and efficient lifting.

SIAPTEK aims at providing high quality inspections following the relevant Oil & Gas industry standards.  SIAPTEK can also adapt to a standard you may prefer to follow providing it meets our company policies.

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