CCU Inspection


CCU Inspection

Full Visual Inspection of CCU - interior and exterior. Load Test. NDT of critical areas. Colour coding and tagging.


All Cargo Carrying Units (CCU) shall be regularly inspected as per the international regulations. CCU is defined as any item or equipment lifted by slings with primary purpose for the transportation of goods, material or equipment.


CCUs are handled from one point to another by several different companies using different ways of transportation.  CCU can be shipped, air freighted or transferred by road and they can cross several countries before reaching the final destination.  As a result it is essential that the official international certification of the equipment remains visible and intact.

Even for a two point journey, cargo will be handled at least two times at two different locations by two different teams.  On arrival and departure at location the CCU will be lifted.  In order to ensure a high level of safety for firstly the personnel and secondly the equipment your CCU must be inspected and certified.  

Foremen and supervisors at handling locations must ensure the CCU is certified prior to lifting.  As a result the CCU inspection certification is imperative. 


CCU can be categorised as follows:

  • Containers

- 40/20/10/8/6 feet
- ISO or offshore
- Full, open top or half height

  • Baskets (long, subsea)
  • Gas cylinders / racks
  • Drill cuttings skips and waste skips


All the above items belong to the same CCU family and must be inspected by a certified inspector.  The inspections to be carried out are:

  • Visual Inspection 
  • Load Test 
  • NDT of the structural points (lifting points, main structure)
  • Colour coding and tagging


Ideally, CCU, lifting points and lifting set are to be inspected at the same time (please refer to sections 'NDT' and 'Lifting gears'). 

The most common international standards are: 

-    DNV 2-7-1 / DNV 2-7-3
-    EN 12079 / EN 13414 / EN 818
-    ISO 12079
-    BS 7072

SIAPTEK can provide your CCU inspection and issue a worldwide recognised certificate for your equipment. Good traceability of your equipment will ensure safe and efficient use.

  • SCT TANKS step 006 2
  • MB-1981 2
  • exp319-035 2
  • ccu inspection 2
  •  X0A7398 2
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