Lifting Appliances


Lifting Appliances

Lifting appliances are used worldwide for various rigging and lifting manouveres. 



  Their use is the most common and convenient way to load / unload / install equipment when an extended range is needed.  In Oil & Gas operations, the most common Lifting Appliances are as follows:

  • Lifting Machines - cranes (overhead, telescopic, crawler, knuckle boom etc), forklifts etc.

  • Assistance Vehicles - cherry pickers, scissor lifts, elevating work platforms etc.

The items listed above can be used in a wide variety of fields.  All of the items may operate with personnel or public in close vicinity.  

The relevant personnel or members of the public may not be aware of the ongoing operations nearby.  To mitigate the risk to personnel or the public a safety area shall be set to inform and to protect the personnel and public in the event of equipment failure

In addition, all the equipment shall undergo a steady and clearly defined inspection in order to reduce the probability of breakdown which could lead to and incident or accident.

Lifting Appliances can be used in a very intensive way, often used daily and repeatedly.  As a result, it is vital that an appropriate inspection plan is in place and followed-up periodically by a professional third party inspection provider.  SIAPTEK can provide a more detailed and comprehensive inspection of these items in addition to the owner / user routine inspections. The inspections SIAPTEK provide ensure the safety of the items being certified and that any requirement for repair or replacement is notified to the owner / user immediately. 

Should the inspectors find occasion during any survey to recommend repairs or further examination, notification is to be given immediately to the Owners or their representatives so that appropriate action may be taken.

SIAPTEK‚Äôs role is to ensure all inspected equipment satisfies the ongoing industry regulations and standards.  This ensures safe and efficient use of the equipment.  Utilising our experienced and certified inspectors, SIAPTEK can guarantee your company an extensive, professional and recognised inspection with comprehensive reports and certification packages.