Dropped Objects


Dropped Objects



Over the past decade major industry operators, companies and organisations have worked in conjunction to share and educate on Dropped Objects prevention.    

Inspections and surveys to identify and review potential Dropped Objects have been developed as well as a range of guidance, training and recommendations.


Dropped Objects have been categorised as the most common industry hazard by HSE departments within the Oil & Gas industry. 

The consequences of Dropped Objects can be fatal.  In view of this it is imperative that your rig, platform or installation is surveyed and reviewed regularly.

SIAPTEK can perform a full survey of your installation to identify, inspect, document and mitigate potential Dropped Objects.

In addition to the potential human cost of Dropped Objects they can also damage your installation, structure or equipment.   This can potentially lead to a loss of time and production.

The inspection that SIAPTEK offers includes a full survey of agreed areas of your rig or installation. Potential Dropped Objects are identified, inspected and documented and any items recommended for corrective actions are notified or actioned as necessary.   

All items are detailed and listed within a comprehensive report which includes photographic evidence, inventories, detailed location information and check books.  The check books we provide allow your crew to periodically monitor and review the potential Dropped Objects following the SIAPTEK inspection. 

Below are examples of potential Dropped Objects:

  • Derrick Components and Equipment - eg top drive and travelling block components, dolly track structure and components, Casing Stabbing Basket structure and components, racking system structure and components; gates, fall arrestors, sheaves, snatch blocks etc 
  • Crane Components and Equipment - eg load cells, cameras, sheaves etc
  • Lights - eg strip lights, flood lights, alarm lights etc
  • Walkways - eg handrails, grating, platforms, ladders etc
  • Redundant Items - eg unused brackets etc
  • Electrical Equipment - eg junction boxes, CCTV cameras, loudspeakers, cables trays etc


SIAPTEK can also provide the following DROPS related services:

  • Remedial work on any recommended corrective actions eg removing redundant items, installing secondary securing and retention etc
  • Awareness training for your onsite workers
  • Training of your HSE site team in order to perform intermediate inspections to ensure continuous pro-active review and maintenance

SIAPTEK can offer fully qualified IRATA Rope Access inspectors to survey your facility

For any query and question, would you please contact us directly.


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