Firefighting and Safety Equipment


Firefighting and Safety Equipment


fire fires can lead to disastrous consequences both onshore and offshore. Many work sites can be considered as high risk due to the vicinity of hydraulic equipment, highly flammable liquid storage (fuel tanks, nitrogen silos), engine rooms and welding work.


In addition to the permanent safety systems installed at critical locations, Permits To Work (PTW) are widely used in the Oil & Gas industry for various tasks (welding, confined space work, work overboard).

The PTW highlights the essential safety equipment to be provided at the work location.  It has been proven that the use of specified safety equipment can prevent an incident developing to a serious accident.


SIAPTEK‚Äôs goal is to provide you with a high level of confidence in your own safety and firefighting equipment.  Our inspectors are fully qualified to inspect and recertify your firefighting devices, with regards to the international standards:

-    ClassNK
-    NFPA 312 / NFPA 1972:1992 / NFPA 1982
-    ISO 7240 / ISO 6182 / ISO 10333
-    BS EN 353 to 361 / BS EN 813 / BS EN 1095

We are qualified to perform testing and inspections on:

-    Detectors (smoke, air monitoring meter, etc.)
-    Breathing apparatus (open circuit and closed circuit), ADSU
-    Extinguishers (class A, B, C, D and K)
-    Firefighting boots, hoods and clothes
-    Fire pumps and fire doors with safety release
-    Safety harnesses with life lines and fall arrestors
-    Life jackets and work vests

The list of safety related items above is non-exhaustive as many other devices are present in our industry. SIAPTEK inspectors are experienced on a large range of firefighting and safety devices.  If specialised equipment is to be tested or inspected, SIAPTEK will ensure its inspectors can perform the task either through additional training or with assistance from our partners.


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