Cargo Inspection


Cargo Inspection

Maritime, air and road freight.  QAQC inspection (control of quantity, quality, packaging, required ceritficates and documentation).

cargoCargo can be handled from one point to another by several different companies using different ways of transportation.  Cargo can be shipped, air freighted, transferred by road or hand-carried and they can cross several countries before reaching the final destination. The journey of a cargo is not always straight-forward and country customs could be involved at some point.


To ensure sufficient and efficient tracking of your cargo it is essential to ensure everything is well identified including the casing (package, box, container, etc.) itself and the cargo contents.  It costs a lot of time and money to source, locate and repatriate lost cargo.  

It is also imperative to ensure your cargo meets the customs requirements of the country of destination or any countries the cargo may pass through on the way.  As a result, it is important to ascertain the documentation required by the relevant state authority beforehand.


SIAPTEK will ensure your cargo is properly packed, identified and documented prior to the transportation.

This will be an extensive QAQC inspection which includes, but is not limited to:


  • Crate / box integrity check and dimensional check


  • Highly visible and permanent identification tag number


  • Preparation of the manifest: confirmation of freight quantity and detailed packaging of the items contained within
  • Control of the compilation of the certificates and any other relevant documents to accompany the freight (Manufacturer Documentation, Purchase Order)
  • Sealing of a water-proof pocket secured to the side of the freight to contain the manifest and consignee sheet

Loading / Unloading Supervision

  • Control of a safe and secure freight loading to ensure the products, packaging and containers are still in good condition 


SIAPTEK cargo inspection can also be performed for equipment delivered to your logistic base before sending offshore. 

It is best to inspect cargo at their packing location.  However, if your company has no access to your suppliers shipping bases, you can still perform an intermediate inspection at your dispatch base to ensure the working team on site receives the correct equipment and in good condition.

SIAPTEK can provide the extensive QAQC inspection detailed above to ensure safe transportation of your cargo.  This service will improve your business cost saving related to damage or loss of equipment during transportation.

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